Glazing is a coating that gives colour properties, gloss and water resistance to ceramic surfaces. It is obtained through the application of a silica-based compound, that during baking undergoes a process of vitrification, merging with the ceramic surface. The main characteristic of glazing is its solid colour, obtained by adding metal salts and oxides to the compound, creating single-coloured or painted decorations.

Glazing, like other types of coatings, can be applied in several ways: by immersion – partial or total – by sprinkling, by brushing or spraying. By using brushes of different thickness, complex designs may be obtained.


This technique was not traditionally used in Sardinian pottery until the beginning of last century, although glazed artefacts used to be well know, being imported by merchants as the island progressively got in touch with the Islamic West, Tuscany, Liguria and Spain.

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